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Street Art


Large scale paste ups and murals around Hobart. 

Art works at festivals like Vibrance


The Fainters


Secret Tape album cover and promo poster

New Melbourne Jangle


Album cover for a local Melbourne band.



Stage show poster




A space exploring game  about human presence in an alien world, it was made for the Oculus Rift.

Made by the Sushi Lion Team. Ed Booth, Adrien Digiglio, Dean Farrelly, Kristel Villegas, Michael Zupecki, and Chris Grant.


The Gameplay trailer is here

You can download it here. (windows)

Q.bit - 2013

A 2D puzzle platformer made in unity.


Playable game is here.

2013 Games Demo reel

A collection of small games I worked on through my university degree.



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